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  1. Oh how lovely. So good to read all of this. And to your Steven, as the mother of an ITP patient whose platelet counts randomly plummet, thank you thank you thank you.

  2. That’s great news – you must all be feeling a great sense of relief at some good news at long last.

  3. So glad to hear this kind of news! Really encouraging that things are going so well. I hope that George is feeling well, too.

    Given how often our bodies seem to sabatage us, it’s great to know that sometimes, with a little help from science, your body might actually cooperate and do the right thing.

  4. The little things. This line sounds so simple, so ordinary, but takes on such enormous power in the context. “Meanwhile, Miriam and George took a walk, ending at the Rose Garden just in time to see the sunset.” It swells with hope and beauty.

  5. I’m so happy to hear your great news!! Well done George.
    I know you must be walking on air and rightfully so, God bless you both.

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