(pictures uploaded 8 June 2010)

It is easy to tell that we have traveled north. Sunset last night was 2238 and tonight will be 2318. Sunrise this morning was 0351 and tomorrow we steam north without pause.

Ålesund is todays stop. Spread across three islands, it is known as an Art Deco city. Completely rebuilt starting in 1906 after a fire leveled the town, the older buildings have interesting and fanciful decorations and details. Unfortunately, there are some new buildings of the cement and ugliness variety.

Above the city, up 419 steps (not counting the ramped portions) is a lovely cafe and look out point. If I had known about it prior to landing, I would not have spent an hour on the treadmill this morning + an exercise class. It was a bit of a hike with legs that started to feel rubbery, but well worth it.

The main yarn store turns out to be a bus ride down the coast so I settled for the Husfliden in town. Found a nice dark red for contrast on my jacket.

Ship sails in 20 minutes so I need to head back on board. More when we hit Hammerfest.

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  1. hammaskipu says:

    Oon ihan kiva ja osaan ajatella.

  2. Phillips says:

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