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Accurate to the “ish” — 10 Comments

  1. Ah, come on now Holly…33 years and you hadn’t heard the term till now?
    Hell, even I my enlistment was 4 years ish… (actually 3 year, 8 months, 13 days). Guess this is what happens when you aren’t briefed more often by the folks in charge, that is, the Navy Chief. Heck, if you were on a ship, you’d have known that, yes, the Captain of the ship is God, and virtually everyone else reports to the fellow known as the COB or Chief of the Boat, who in turn reports to…well, you get the picture. I thought the Army had a similiar position, the Sergeant Major. Of course, the Navy structure tends to be a bit more closed.

  2. nope – this is apparently an Navy thing. I don’t hang out with Squids all that often…. (grin)

  3. Did NOT like the ish-ness of the reference to your deployment one bit…. no ish ands or buts!!!

  4. Understand the commands are now taking applications for transfers to Cairo. No Army and no police; please bring your own weapon(s) and ammo.

  5. If it is dining-ish you would get a ‘dish’ ….the thing is, do you like what they have served up to you?

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