It is warm here, this city located quite south in the US. Not as hot this week as apparently in the past, but warm enough that it is making the teens rather uncomfortable.

Me? I can stroll along in the dry sunshine thinking of warm August afternoons in the Mideast while shaking off the chill of the Convention Center’s overly enthusiastic air conditioning.

We got in late Sunday night from Denver.

The hotel at which we are staying turns out not to be in walking distance of the city center.

The meeting is fine, however my PC has decided that it has no intentions of communicating by WiFi with any one, any system or any where. That might explain the last days of silence. Hard to post when you don’t have a connection.

This is not a knitting meeting, and I was too busy most days at Denvention to spend much time with needles in the hands. I have finished up another small shawl, knit a pair of socks and have the first of the next pair just about to the cuff (toe up obviously).

As soon as I do multiple transfers with memory stick and picture downloads I will actually post some pix.

Back to the next session…..


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