A mug as a unit of measure

As you probably remember, I am lving in the UK. A place where it was 52° outside today which made it warmer than the interior. Said interior, when it dropped to 8°C this evening caused me to turn on the electric fire along with my electric kettle.

While digging around in the beverage drawer I located a sachet (kind you not, that is what it said) of mint cocoa from Cadburrys. I have been musing over the continual shifting from metric to English and back. I do it myself, using what ever is the handiest. My outside thermometer is °F left from the previous occupant. The weather report running at the bottom of Firefox is in °C.

Anyway, back to what I think is the most exquisite mint cocoa I have ever tasted. I am used to this section listing all the components and contents on the back of the package. You know the one I mean – the one that almost turns you away in disgust at what is really in that food.

My eyes weren’t good enough at this time of night to read the fine print. All I could read was this small bit which recommended pouring the sachet into your mug and then adding water that had boiled and been allowed to cool for a moment.

How much water?

A mug’s worth.

I am not brave. I have tiny mugs which can be used for expresso, large Starbucks souvenir mugs that hold 16 oz. I pulled out my measuring cup, then added 250cc to a medium size mug. I would have taken a picture. Trouble is, I drank it all before I figure it out. I think it is on my list for the next Tescos’ run….


Simple Knitting (a UK Knitting mag) had a supplement this month that included an Alan Dart project. It also had a knitted garter. Not much on fuzzy yarn on my leg – and still having some periwinkle left over – this

a bit of lace

bit of lace

in a simple repeating pattern that ran from 12->18 stitches per row becomes this –



Now all I need is to close the ends and run some elastic along with ribbon through the eyelets and we have a garter.

Wicked Eyelet Vest

Finished the left front, seamed the side and bound off the shoulder. Started the second front. Maybe 1-2 days more?

The dog had such a hard day at work;



resting in the sun from the walk in and passed out in front of the fire this evening.

the drawing

Three separate sock kits – three separate lucky people. Unless you don’t knit socks. Instead – you could have this –

Strawberry Chocolate Roving

Strawberry Chocolate Roving

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2 Responses to A mug as a unit of measure

  1. Ruth says:

    Sadly, that roving DOES look delicious! Too bad I don’t spin, and have no plans (at this time) to learn. Spinning would take time away from knitting…I don’t knit enough as it is. Is your heater STILL on the fritz?

  2. nana says:

    yummy looking braid of roving.

    Where do you dig out all those lovely things, and why can you so easily part with them?

    Good thing, my stash is not big at all 😉

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