A great quote

This week at the Pentagon, LTG Ann Dunwoody was promoted to Gen. She is the first Four Star Female General. Amid all the pomp and circumstance and speeches – I think her comment is the best:

She later quipped: “There is no one more surprised than I – except my husband. And you know what they say: Behind every successful woman is an astonished man.”

Around the House

Modern Housing (Un) Solutions managed to actually get one of their repairmen by today. I know have an doorbell that works and an outside light that functions over the door.

Heat, well, that we still don’t have.


Well, two more ridges on the Hanne Falkenberg Solo.


Secrets – Jude Deveraux. An ok, quick read but I refuse to agree that any woman can be that stupid or naive.
Chasing Darkness – Robert Crais. A good Elvis Cole novel with good dialog, great characters and less than the usual amount of violence.

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