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Hello? You may remember me – the queen of maximizing travel while minimizing expense. The woman who takes public transportation whenever possible over cabs. So what am I doing on a ship that can only be considered high end? Going to Iceland is only a partial explanation. The rest of it seems to relate to “it seemed like the thing to do at the time” when looking at my schedule. And there was a sale, can’t ignore that little bit. It is going to be interesting to see if the extra expense is justified in terms of food, service, quality. It is certainly not going to match on accommodations since, even on sale, an outside cabin here costs about the same as a goldcard suite on my normal cruise lines.


May 23, Thursday New York City, New York, USA(overnight) » Embark pm

May 24, Friday

New York City, New York, USA » 6 pm

May 25, Saturday

Newport, Rhode Island, USA » 8 am 2 pm

May 26, Sunday

Boston, Massachusetts, USA » 8 am 5 pm

May 27, Monday

Bar Harbor, Maine, USA » 8 am 5 pm

May 28, Tuesday

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada » 9 am 6 pm

May 29, Wednesday

Cruising the Atlantic Ocean  »

May 30, Thursday

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada » 8 am 2 pm

May 31, Friday –
Jun 2, Sunday

Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean  »

Jun 3, Monday

Reykjavík, Iceland (overnight) » 9 am

Jun 4, Tuesday

Reykjavík, Iceland » Disembark am

What is going to be even more interesting for me is that I am traveling with a backpack and a carryon size suitcase. I have forgone the complicated cameras this trip in favor of a small powershot and a much lighter load. I thought about having cameras, then about all the train and other transportation changes I have to make. This should be a lot easier.

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