A complete loss

We have all had those dreams  –  the one where something important is happening. Or there is something critical to accomplish, but the information is hanging there just off the edge of remembrance.

And then there are those times when you dig desperately through you luggage as if in a dream. Hunting as it were for that one item to lighten your burden and make the world all rainbow. I just knew that I had packed my Imitrex, I always pack the Imitrex. This time, when I close my eyes and peek through the sparkly flashes, I see it there on my bed. The bed which is out of reach since yesterday afternoon.

The Zomig is well past its  “use by date” so a day on which I had planned on knitting the bAck of my SWeAter is lost to a migrAine. One unpleasantly left to run its course of pain and nausea. I really could have done without it.

Or the stuck caps kEY…..

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