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  1. So you’re in Heidelberg and it’s 4 am?
    That does make a bit more sense – I wondered what you were doing looking around airplanes….didn’t get that you were flying there.
    Hope you have an uneventful and safe flight back.

  2. Actually, end of April – on the retired Rolls as of 1 may. But March is just around the corner!

  3. I didn’t realise that you had flown back ro Germany. That must have been great to be home, even for a few minutes! Sorry it had to be for something seemingly little – the physical – but the day or two away must have been great.

    I can’t believe how the time is flying. With Feb being a wonderfully short month, we are getting near the end of your deployment.

    Pls take great care and PLS stay safe!!!

  4. How does it feel? What happens after March….Do you get a debriefing that also blocks unwanted memories?

  5. I would advise you talking to the VA rep at Landstuhl while you are there.

    Time to start that ball rolling.

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