47 of 52

Last March, I joined a totally insane bunch of people who made a commitment to knit a pair of socks a week for the coming year. Counting them up this morning – I have 47/52 pairs to go. All the ones that I have knit have been adult socks, sizes 38 E and up. I managed 38 pairs last year (with no sock knitting in Dec and early fall) and nine since the first of the year. That leaves me only five pairs to finish prior to 1 April.

This year’s socks can be found here and all of last year’s are here. I don’t have all of the links updated yet, but should get there in the next couple of days.

I am wavering between going back to the Viking Sweater for a couple of weeks, or just cranking off the rest of the socks to be done.


Progress on pair #48.
Down the top, heel flap completed and turned.

Viking Ship Sweater

A few more rows progress.


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