22 Hours

and counting. Or longer, once I think about it.Up before 0600 (Germany time), to the train station, to Frankfurt Flughafen.

Taking off from Frankfurt Flughafen

Across the chanel

Some where over the UK

across the US and most of Michigan to land

Michigan, see those regular roads?

in Detroit. It might be a great city, but the airport leaves a bit much to be desired.

Especially when you have only 20 minutes from grabbing your luggage to get through an endless line at customs prior to rechecking your bags. Then you have to go through security again. I have never figured this one out. Exactly what could I have possibly done between getting off the plane, immigration and customs? Bought weapons? Drunk fluids? There isn’t even anything to buy!

Still, it is security screening all over again, complete with walking on their dirty carpet with my nice handknit socks while running my evil shoes through the scanner.Naturally, our connecting flight was in a different section of the concourse. After waiting for five minutes, it was a 30 second ride. They were boarding as we got to the gate.

Arriving in Minneapolis, the kids were wiped, but maintained a sense of humor.

two girls, gummis and an iPod cord

I still had plans for the evening, but haven’t gotten organized. Will do that tomorrow, complete with pictures.

The kippah count for the day was seven.


MP3 players are the only way to go. Billi Baddings to the rescue.


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