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Summing up June

Another month, half the year gone  Fast? Slow? It seems like both and neither. First half of the year – birthdays for the Eldest, the Guy, the Youngest, and Lev. Birth of Ilan – grandson number two.  Almost no travel … Continue reading

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I am working very hard on pretending that yesterday didn’t really exist. Shall I just leave it at “it wasn’t a great day.” I should have expected it. I finished the 5th cycle of chemo just a couple of days … Continue reading

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It is late

one this particular Friday morning Well, for me it is late; 1000 to be exact. My day was supposed to have started early with a Webinar put on by University of Denmark, Copenhagen. But 1500 their time is 0400 in … Continue reading

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Only five hours

devoted to errands yesterday. I had actually allowed for a lot more time. It could have bene even less if I had not been a bit absent minded. But leaving home at 0900 I managed to get to El Sobrante, … Continue reading

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Three of four

feet were completed on the Dragon yesterday. which leaves me his last foot and an extremely long and obviously flexible tail. I might even be able to finish him today as there are fewer than 1000 stitches to go. I … Continue reading

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The smell of coffee in the morning is insidious. It wafts across the room and teases your nose. The aroma is so lovely that it almost makes up for the fact it is 0600 and I hadn’t planned on being … Continue reading

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It is the Year of the Dragon. Past years include – 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952.  Since I can do basic arithmetic – the Chinese Zodiac has a twelve year cycle. And, with the kindness and sensibility (not) of … Continue reading

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Presenting Ms Pink Mushroom

In all her orange and beaded glory. Turned out she was well more than 8000 stitches which is about 3k over the average for the Nora Corbett series. She is also quite a bit bigger than the pixie series as … Continue reading

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Actually, for most of  yesterday – I had quiet. I didn’t go anywhere nor did I have a ton of obligations landing on my head.  It was lovely. Mostly.  Be careful what you wish for; the quiet meant that I … Continue reading

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At least

I am done with all the orange. I am still stitching on Miss Pink Mushroom. Looking at the hard copy pattern, the dress and girl do appear to be pink. In reality – orange, many shades of orange; hundreds upon … Continue reading

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I am still bored with the blocks of color in this particular cross stitch pattern, but I can see progress. I am thinking today of adding the beads as I go, just to provide me some entertainment. I am thinking … Continue reading

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Block stitching

First – George’s follow up appointment yesterday morning went fine. As  Clint put it – the tea strainer over the eye look isn’t a particularly good one for anyone. Following that- he appeared to be an older dude trying to … Continue reading

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Went well

Apparently, he was the first patient on the schedule this morning and we were back home by close to 0900.  I happily crawled back into my stitching area and George went to “watch” the European Championships from the comfort of … Continue reading

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Second Eye

As you probably don’t remember, I had my cataracts removed last summer. 4 weeks apart which means I spent that month with really weird vision. George, at the time, said – gee, I don’t think I will have to do … Continue reading

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There are days

In which it seems easy to get things done. You know? Those times when everything just falls into place, no thought needed, just able to easily and calmly accomplish everything that was planned. And then there was yesterday. Admittedly, starting … Continue reading

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Not that many

I mentioned yesterday that I had found a counting error on the Whales. One too many waves in the series below the large whale had led to the Compass Rose being too far toward the center which affected both the … Continue reading

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it is back

Imagine my surprise when I received a call early yesterday afternoon from Apple. Instead of next Monday – my laptop was ready for pickup.  This would be well worth changing plans and heading to the store in Emeryville.  Once again, … Continue reading

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North American Whale

Is the third in LindyStitches’s Endangered Species Stitch-a-long. Issued every other month for a total of six, each is complete in and of itself rather than being a partial segment of a whole design. There are some unifying motifs.  The … Continue reading

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almost dead battery

Is not something you want to discover in any item critical to your life, sanity, or transportation. In my case, it is my MAC. Over the last couple of weeks I noted that it wasn’t charging past 80%, then 75%, … Continue reading

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It is early

this morning, rising when the sky is still that grayish color with the consistency of flannel as I look out the window toward the San Francisco Bay. The lights are gleaming red, orange, yellow, white from the Berkeley Marina stretching … Continue reading

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