16 days, but who is counting

I did not mean to be quiet this long. I have sixteen days left in the UK. Since being back from my lovely vacation I have cleared housing, moved into temp quarters (spending no more than one night camping in my office), driven all over the place, done some knitting and otherwise been stressed!)

I have a couple of rooms and bathroom and sitting area. I don’t have any of the following: phone, telly (nothing new there), Internet, cooker, refrigerator or curtains that actually provide privacy.

Since I turned off BT, that also meant loss of my mobile. Found out the hard way that Vodophone on the pay-as-you-go does charge for certain inbound calls (like mobile international).

I have all the photos from the trip downloaded and am backing them up. Promise I will get them posted along with a catch up on the knitting.

In prep for deployment, I am ripping a lot of movies, some TV series and a ton of audio books onto a portable hard drive. I also have prepacked some small knitting projects and patterns so that the family can drop them in MPS every couple of weeks. That is, of course, unless I decide to take just one major project (Shetland shawl?).

I promise to do the catch ups, go visit your blogs and generally keep better in contact. An evening at the office? Feels like …Bosnia, Kuwait, Qatar…..

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6 Responses to 16 days, but who is counting

  1. Pat says:

    have been digging around in your website trying to find the blog so
    I can figure out what I missed!

    Tall Ships sounds totally awesome! 🙂 Hurray for Noah!

    Germany and Australia sound wonderful but exhausting, and you are
    already tired. Hope you find time to rest. WorldCon sounds REALLY
    FUN!!!!! How long are you at Ft Benning? And what is the deal with May?

  2. Isobel says:

    Oy. That’s quite a schedule. Wonderful about Noah. What fun AND hard work for him.
    Have a good time in Australia.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Where are you deploying to, and for how long?

  4. Janet says:

    How long at Ft Benning? Where after? May will come….

  5. Ruth says:

    Darn. I was hoping you were still having fun…somewhere. Looking forward to your “catch up” post when it comes.

  6. Jane says:

    Don wonders who you pissed off to get sent to Ft Benning? Is that a PCS? How soon to retirement?

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