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16 days, but who is counting — 6 Comments

  1. have been digging around in your website trying to find the blog so
    I can figure out what I missed!

    Tall Ships sounds totally awesome! 🙂 Hurray for Noah!

    Germany and Australia sound wonderful but exhausting, and you are
    already tired. Hope you find time to rest. WorldCon sounds REALLY
    FUN!!!!! How long are you at Ft Benning? And what is the deal with May?

  2. Oy. That’s quite a schedule. Wonderful about Noah. What fun AND hard work for him.
    Have a good time in Australia.

  3. Darn. I was hoping you were still having fun…somewhere. Looking forward to your “catch up” post when it comes.

  4. Don wonders who you pissed off to get sent to Ft Benning? Is that a PCS? How soon to retirement?

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