15 to go

Making progress.

I started today with an initial to-do list composed equally of long and short term deadlines and problems.

Say – 23 things off the top of my head.

By noon I had managed to complete seven. The short, easy to do seven – top off mobile so I can use it again, pick up Hanne Falkenberg kits from the regional post station, get a J5 cable long enough to move the computer from wall drop to the top of my desk.

Those sort of things, with happily adding only two items on the list – both of which are legitimate current job.

The afternoon – well, I did find a scanner and have been busy turning certificates and other stuff into PDFs which will reside out there “in the cloud.” Till I am done with the army.

It has been a long day, I might just go home and spend the evening ripping more cds…

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One Response to 15 to go

  1. Diane Hungate says:

    You certainly gave that poor scanner a workout today! Surprised it wasn’t smoking 🙂 Trying not to think about your leaving Camberley…won’t be the same without you and, well, I’ll miss you lots! We started at FASC about the same time and meeting someone from back home was terrific! Your surprises always brought sunshine to my day. Friends like you come along once in a life time and I feel truly blessed. Now who will be around to keep me out of trouble??? 🙂 I won’t promise not to cry in 15 days but I will do my best. Your friend always……

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