11 Sept

and we are perhaps further away from a solution than we were 9 years ago.

Terrorism in the world has not been reduced. Innocent people and moderates have had their lives over turned for being in the wrong place, having the wrong religion, having the courage to express their feelings.

The US has seen a massive extension of “Big Brother” and inroads on personal freedoms that all previous generations have held sacrosanct with hardly a mummer of public objection. Fear mongering was an essential element of government policy for years.

It got us into Iraq and cost thousands of lives. It has us mired in Afghanistan, made worse by the military policies of the past year.

I wish I had more hope of a positive outcome, but when I look at all the US idiots who confuse a community center several blocks from Gound Zero with what will be on the Memorial grounds, I don’t hold out much in the way of expectations.

This next six months, I will do my best to keep the US military and civilians deployed in my area safe and healthy. It is the best that I can offer.

Tikkun Olam.

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One Response to 11 Sept

  1. Kathryn says:

    Do I proof read it as you write it this time?

    I think this is going to be your toughest deployment apart from the Balkan one

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