10 Years Ago

I was in the field at Graf, 67th CSH and Task Force preparing for our deployment to Bosnia.

Since it was March in Germany, please just assume that it was snowing, making everyone’s life just that extra bit of fun when making the middle of the night port-a-john run.

It was the first time meeting some of the units and their officers who would be working for me when we deployed. At the same time, a good friend Kathy was prepping the relieving task force for Taszar, Hungary.

It seems like a blur. I remember going from the airport (back from a trip to the States) directly to the field and being so wiped that I was staggering for the first few days.  Running day operations while Kathy had the night shift so that each task force could be exercised independently.

It really meant doing everything almost twice, including the Mass Casualty Drill.

It was then that I conceived the idea of a group email to family and friends, sent out on a daily basis to describe what we were doing with the plan of implementing it starting when we deployed in April. Since this is long before Yahoo and Google groups, I just did in as a direct group mail, back in the days where you could relay email.

Haven’t things changed since then? From 3 1/4″ diskettes in my brand new digital camera and a lap top that might have had a 40 meg hard drive, daily mailing from a personal email to …. more pixels in my images than I had MEGS on my first desktop computer hard drive in 1984. The laptop, while newer still suffers from BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Syndrome, I have a blog and…. send out a personal somewhat daily email to family and friends through the wonders of alias listing and BCC.

Go figure. I am still in the Army, that is even scarier.


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