NCL Sun – Day 14 – Back in the UK?


Ok, not really. But Bermuda is still a UK Territory. Or Possession? I am never sure which.  Ah – Territory (as reported by the good, on-line Wiki).  As would be expected, it consists of lots of tiny islands, about 65k in populations, and is heavily dependent on tourist trade. 

In case that is too tiny for you to see –

this makes it easier to see, but doesn’t as clearly show its geographic relation to the US Coast. (Oh, King’s Wharf is where we are docked….)

We docked about 1600 and will leave mid-afternoon tomorrow. There was quite a rush of people wanting off the ship. I mean really, we were only at sea for three days after Horta, it isn’t like we were out there forever. Perhaps they want a meal off ship?

I chose to use one of my two free meal coupons to take another one of the stitchers to Cagney’s for dinner.  We went for the 1730 seating, just to (we thought) avoid most of the other dinners. By the time we left, the place was about ½ full so we weren’t exactly the only ones thinking to take advantage of a meal without rock & roll.

I’ll probably get off the ship in the morning for a bit and will turn on my phone so that I can be connected to the rest of the world for a short time and catch up on a few things that require bandwidth.

The Vintage Black Sampler 

Stitching borders is perhaps my least favorite thing…

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NCL Sun – Day 13 – Behind the scenes

Like many other cruise lines, NCL offers a free behind the scenes tour at & above certain loyalty levels. The tour doesn’t include engines or bridge. Most lines include the bridge but none normally want anyone around the heavy machinery.  In this case our stops were:


The Performance area

We started in the main theater with two members of the performance staff – a US woman who is responsible for all things tech -including the control booth –

from where everything is run. Production show come preprogrammed. Guests artists bring their “stuff” and her staff, if they are lucky, get a few hours to load into the system and program lights, sound, & videos for the backdrop and side screens if required. To get to the backstage area, we wound up going onside on a small portion of the aft walkway not accessible normally to the public. It is where the performance staff can warm up as well as enter the dressing area. The domain of a lovely young man, the costumes are hung in precise order, 

but, as this area is too far from backstage, most of the costumes for a particular show are taken to the back stage area with each performer having their own basket, carefully layered for the proper order. and just in case you were wondering, a long change time is 30 seconds… velcro my friends.

The Laundry –

After seeing a bit more of the backstage area and props – we headed off to the Laundry, walking down the crew stairs to Deck 1.  There are obviously industrial size washing machines –

there are fancy commercial specialty machines which iron and fold –

and the tailoring/repair room is well equipped with commercial sewing machines and sergers.

The Galley

was our final stop on the tour. The head chef has been with NCL for 26 years. He did the opening on this ship 22 years ago. Since it is both a “smaller ship” and older, there is one main galley which prepares food for both main dining rooms. Since it is positioned on Deck 5 between the two – this easily explains why you can’t, as a passenger, easily go from one to another.

    we didn’t get to see the bakery which is on Deck 3, nor all the food storage areas.

There was still almost an hour left of the morning to join the knitters and stitchers before heading back to my cabin for quiet time.

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NCL Sun – Day 12 – Dinner with

This is the second of three sea days in a row. The seas have been what a number of people are calling rough and there are the usual carefully placed sea sickness bags available at the food of the fore and mid ships stairways. 


We are that small yellow dot below the second S in Sargasso.

NCL has its own loyalty program with various assorted privileges that kick in at each level. I had traded in my internet minutes for a credit on a full package towards the beginning of the cruise when I was seriously thinking I would have not have a working phone for the duration.  Using my AT&T phone plan while in port is certainly cheaper than any ship’s WiFi…

Anyway – one of the perks at my level on NCL is a meal with an officer. Which in this case is dinner with an officer in a small group. It isn’t a Captain’s Table by any means. But it was scheduled to be a meal with six other passengers. There was a lovely couple from Florida who I think live in an area that puts them 25 minutes from Fort Lauderdale and 45 from the Miami cruise port. They are obviously staying with the ship to Miami.  They also were on the Symphony TA last month.  Another couple begged off since the rough seas were getting to them. And then there was the woman from Cincinnati who insisted on playing “which cruise officers do you know from other ships” with our poor officer. She is also staying till Seattle. 

This was his first “opportunity” to host one of these dinners. In his mid-40s, he has been with NCL  for five years, and was with RCCL for years before that.  A relatively senior person in the hotel chain, his duties involve all the registrations, visas, and port immigration procedures. And working closely with the security chief since the integration of their new face recognition software (which is what they use to check people coming back on ship…)

Anyway, he was lovely, interesting, and informative any time we could get Ohio woman shut down for 10 seconds.  The good thing about her behavior? It made me evaluate everything before I said it and do what I could to include the other couple and our host.  I am interested in discussions of travel, experiences, etc. I really don’t who knows which crew members from past voyages. Doesn’t impress me and leaves others out of the conversation. 

[off soap box]

The food was decent – better than most of my meals on Royal outside of two meals in Coastal Kitchen), And the flan actually tasted like flan. 


End of day progress on Vintage Sampler which is at 58%. (13,641 stitches completed)

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NCL Sun – Day 11 – at Sea

And it is a Wednesday. I need to mention that because days of the week aren’t really relevant on a ship, just if we are in a port. There, the day of the week is relevant to where you want to go and what you want to see. Duh.

As you can see – we have left the Azores and are literally in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway – the short but important thing for today is Chocolate

One of the things I have been doing while in port is stopping at various grocery stores. Yesterday I found a small shop and picked this up.

 Which turns out to be four just right sized packets of chocolate

which tasted as good as they looked.


Update on the Vintage Black Sampler

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NCL Sun – Day 10 – Horta, Azores

Yes, this port call is by tender. No, I didn’t care a whit. A listed port on two of my previous transatlantic crossings, both times were called off because of bad weather. Cancelling a port call due to high seas/storms makes perfect sense when 1) the ship has to anchor and the only way to shore is by tender. Also known as “bobbers” if the sea is rough.  Passengers and crew bouncing along the waves in a small boat doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially from a safety point of view; and 2) the shore excursions in that location are all outside scenery which is going to be difficult to enjoy through storm and rain. We will not even get into the issue of hiking across slippery rocks in that same rain.

Anyway – this morning the seas were calm, the sun is shining and we laid anchor at 0700. I waited, annoyed at the cruise director who really, really seems to love the sound of his own voice coming on the tannoy every 10 minutes with more “information/advice/whatever.”

Once tender tickets were no longer required – I headed for Deck 3 forward and a short, non-crowded trip to shore.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo, just so you know that I was actually there!

The town is classical Portuguese architecture with a mix of time periods and styles.

there are buildings with tiles, those with fancy trip and balconies.

There is what is left of an obviously old stone fort –

It is an obvious seafaring and port town – complete with sundial/compass rose

and a small captain sneaking about

other than this particularly lovely bit of mosaic work –

most of the rest was straight white lines in dark volcanic stone sidewalks with the occasional ship, lighthouse, or whale featured just to break up the monotony. All of those had a strong resemblance to a five year olds line drawings.

After a couple of hours, I headed back to the ship –

and lunch…





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NCL Sun – Day 9 – Ponta Delgado

This is one of those lovely ports where I feel totally and completely at home. I know where I can find certain items (yarn, stitching materials, WiFi, books, coffee…..) and it is completely walkable. One exits the ship, walks along the promenade out of the harbor and heads left toward the main portion of the city.

My only purpose in getting off the ship today was to stop at a couple of small shops. The first, I was not delighted to learn, was no longer on the corner of the main square. That small notions store had been in place for decades. But apparently with renovations of the building and some other factors, the rent became too high. I wasn’t clear as to whether this was a closure or a relocation. Heading up the main pedestrian zone, I found what I think of as the main needlecraft store on the left about ½ way to the next street. I recommend the place to just about everyone and appreciate anytime it is not Sunday when my current transatlantic cruise makes a port call here.

The front of the store is primarily touristy type stuff. Ceramics, a wide variety of linens, the expected cork items, etc. It is the back half of the store which is of interest. 

yes, that is cubby after cubby with about any weight or material of yarn your could desire. There is also a complete color array of threads, plenty of choices in notions, trims, bindings and woven fabric for traditional towels and table linens. There was also this lovely fabric –

of which I picked up .5 meters along with a few skeins of DMC. Of note, it is 50% linen, 50% cotton. Not a combination which I find very often at home. It looks to be about a 28 ct, but I really didn’t care overly much. 

Satisfied with my purchases, I wandered back toward the ship – noting different sidewalk mosaics than previously.

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NCL Sun – Day 8 – At Sea

The distance between our last stop in the Canaries and the Azores is just enough that it makes total sense to have a sea day tucked in between this set of ports. We have also gained back another hour which helps, I think….

My morning was spent, again, upstairs in the forward lounge. I skipped the Military/Veterans Get together in favor of just sitting and seeing who was going to show up for the Knitter’s and Stitchers at 1000. There were about 10 of us, off and off. Two of the women from before didn’t make it, but we added a hand quilter and a New York woman who I think is now hooked on the idea of piecing and quilting a present for her new (and first) grandchild. 

I made progress on both The Vintage Black Sampler and another project that I am making as a test stitch. I really like it, but found, with my usual inability to count, that I have made a couple of errors far enough back that I would need to start over. My other choice is just to enjoy the pattern, do a bit of fudging and finish it out. I will include it when (if?) I ever get the cross-stitch pages updated and the pattern is released.

There was a fair bit of rock ‘n roll today with seas up to 4 meters. This is an older ship (2001) and her stabilizers aren’t as great as some of the new ships. OTOH, it was much milder than I have experienced on smaller ships (such as the Star Legend). I headed back to my cabin for the evening so that I could listen to audiobooks without having to use ear buds and to not look at green faces….

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NCL Sun – Day 7 – Funchal

I first visited here in 2007 on a MSC Sinfonia transatlantic from Genoa to Bueno Aires. I looks up the post (link) but, since it is from my old German blog, the photos didn’t transfer when I had to change hosts in ~ 2016. Then I made the loop twice in Early 2012, once on my own and once with the Eldest on the NCL Jade.  Then there was the transatlantic in 2017 that Carmen and I made on the MSC Seaside.  And, in 2021 – George and I had a port call here on the Star Legend. A cruise that was supposed to go to Morocco but, as things often did in that time frame, the pandemic forced a change of plans.

You can tell that we have docked in a Portuguese town. It isn’t just the change in the signage language. It starts with the Ships of the Wall which I have mentioned before: logos of various ships which have docked over the yeas. Lovingly painted by their crews on the wall across from where the ships dock. There isn’t any graffiti – just the bright colors and clear shapes of logos, ships, letters & numbers.

It is rather when you hit the first sidewalk with the inserted lavastone mosaic 

or see the use of the same volcanic rock in stairs.

But mostly it is the sidewalks with patterns, inserted pictures, and their use of two colored stones that says “Portugal.

mostly, I just enjoyed a nice hike through town, up and down a few hills, and a view of the ship on my way back.

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NCL Sun – Day 6 – Tenerife

The sun is shining, the breeze is comfortable. It is Friday. Given the day/date, I doubted much of anything was going to be open so took a wander off the ship about 1000. It is an easy port to navigate: there are clear signs pointing to the city center and there is a clear blue line on the pavement to follow.

It was interesting walking along the harbor, then up the hill (aren’t all good harbors in coves with hills immediately behind?)


along the tram line. Looking across the bridge I usually take to get to the market, it was obvious everything was closed. Hum – Catholic country (Spain) – major holiday – Good Friday = everything closed. Well, almost everything. There were a few cafes open and several small souvenir stores, but that was about it. 

Heading back down along the chanel

These two lovely murals are under that bridge you can see in the distance –

After about another hour of walking around, I headed back to the ship, went for soup and spent the afternoon stitching.

the house is done, as is the second ballon and some other small things. I think I am a bit burned out on this particular piece and might just change projects for a couple of day. Or else stitching the lady on the other side of the house and then change projects. By the numbers, it is about 1/3 complete…

Current position this evening – leaving Tenerife and headed to Madeira.

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NCL Sun – Day 5 – Las Palmas


As we work our way through the Canaries, my days are falling into a pattern. If two days can make a pattern? I enjoy watching us sail into harbor early and head upstairs to the Ocean Cafe for coffee then find a nice place to sit, stitch, and people watch. 

the harbor was lovely to look at, but a bit more challenging to walk through. I met a lovely woman from Oregon with whom I took a stroll through the city. We found one of the medium size groceries so I added to my chocolate stash. A stop at El Corte Englais confirmed that their yarn/sewing/notions department (now listed as a Haberdashery) is down to about nothing. A small amount of Schachmayer yarn, some Prym notions. s few lousy embroidery hoops, and a carousel of DMC sadly lacking in about 1/3 of the colors. Ah well.

Of note, this is also the military harbor for Spain in the Canaries. I remember seeing the military museum on one of my previous stops here. 

It was nice for the walk and return to the ship. More soup for lunch combined with gazing out the windows. 

By days end – another 1500 stitches… the bat and the bird were easy, that house is seeming to go on forever….

my phone actually seems to have recovered almost completely. I am not going to hold my breath completely. But, unfortunately, it points out how dependent I, along with everyone else, have become on the “instant communications.”



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NCL Sun – Day 4 – Lanzarote

This particular island of Spain is a common stop on both Canary Island cruises and transatlantic crossings. The geographic features obvious point toward its volcanic origins with a beautiful cone easily visible from the cruise port in Arrecife. In fact, as I remember the most recent eruption here was in the 1700s.  There was the usual sea wind blowing and the sky was reasonably clear on my walk into town. I had no particular goal other than to stretch my legs and perhaps add to my chocolate stash.

It isn’t a bad hike into town; it is flat and well marked. Wandering down the main street, I checked out a few shops with the usual combination of clothing, shoes, more shoes, and a few bargain shops literally in basements.  A stop at SuperDino netted me chocolate –

with local brands.

After about an hour I hiked back to the ship, arriving just before the rain.

There is a small pub like place on Deck 11 Aft which has pizza for lunch. Several days ago there was also a salad bar. Today it was just pizza and… two huge kettles of broth, one vegetable, one beef. Lined up behind the counter were rows of slightly cone shaped bowls with a sturdy base. When a request is received for a bowl, the contents are quickly dropped into a net and plunged into a third kettle of boiling water. On the front counter were several bowls of adds. Cilantro, fried onion. Jalapeños, and today some minced and cooked beet. Plus a tray containing soy sauce, terriyake sauce, hot sauce, and a container of chili oil. Large spoons and chopsticks also graced the counter.  (I will verify tomorrow that these are rice or bead thread noodles… lunch for the rest of the week).

My phone seems to have decided that it will work if reasonably charged and plugged into head phones. Go figure. I can’t find any logic to it at all. But since it also seems to be willing to take the occasional picture, I am taking it!

I spent the rest of the day quietly stitching on the Owl Forest Vintage Black Sampler which I am not stitching in black. About another 1500 stitches, I now have the clock, more border and a start on the house (with cat, a house must have a cat).

Tomorrow is Las Palmas – not a stop in 2021.


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NCL Sun – Day 3 – Spinnaker Lounge

Map of the evening.

On this ship, the top deck forward lounge is called the Spinnaker Lounge. Not only is it a lovely place to sit and stitch in the morning as there are  not many people, no broadcast of lousy music, and a great view of the ocean,  but also the place where NCL seems to schedule groups of various sizes.  In the case of this morning – the Veterans & Military group at 0900, Knitters & Stitchers at 1000 and the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet at 1100.

The military group seemed to be about 1/3 those of us who had retired from active duty and 2/3rds of the Viet Nam area draftees. The numbers also seemed to be split between Army and Air Force. Didn’t find any Navy or non-US military although I am sure that there are some on board.

The knitters and stitchers group was up to about 10 when I wandered off to see if the Cruise Critic group was worth whatever. Initial tally in the fiber craft folk was three with crochet hooks, a woman from Cologne who was stitching, knitters from Canada (Alberta & Halifax), a woman from Stockholm whose husband was proudly wearing a Sweden Polo Jersey (who knew there was a Sweden National Polo Team), and a second German woman who lived about 20 km from the first.  I think the plan is to get together on sea days.

The Cruise Critic Group was over 100 all told between the website and FB chatters. Other than some snacks, coffee and intros to most of the Hotel Director’s Staff, there wasn’t much and I headed out to find peace and quiet.

and Chocolate – a bite from a dark chocolate Mint Bar. I don’t know J.D. Gross chocolatiers. But it is pretty good.

I spent the afternoon stitching and have made some progress :


The top border is complete and starting down the sides. That clock tower goes down a ways, and then there is a rather large house to follow. 

Tomorrow we are suppose to dock in Lanzarote fairly early. 


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NCL Sun – Day 2 – Cadiz

This time through, I actually got off the ship, spending about an hour just strolling along. It was rather crowded all told. We are not the only ship in port (tho I didn’t bother to look and see which it was) so that there are hordes of people wandering all over the place.  What I found most interesting was the oldest/Medieval portion of the city. But the souvenir shops were all open, as were the shoe stores. I found a small yarn/notions/fabric store on one of the side streets. All the knitting needles were the old fashion straights, which might just speak to the quality of the yarns which mostly seemed to be acrylics. Alcohol is available in abundance as are sidewalk cafes, tobacco shops, road & utility works, and churches. Did I mention the number of places selling various Cadiz current and historical soccer jerseys? Then there was the local incense/herb/supplies/tarot/ritual item store. I might have stayed longer but for sneezing.

I returned to the ship long before all of the processions. Apparently from the reports of others, most of them were pretty spectacular. Something to do with robes, statues, reliquaries etc. I am sure that many of you know a lot more about this than I do.

My phone is still not working properly, but occasionally it will stay on for a whole three minutes at a time before it decides to reset and boot up again. It also enables me to take 1-2 pictures before it dies. I have also been successful at airdropping them over to my computer. So this cruise will not be completely without a few photos. It won’t be many as my frustration level isn’t going to let me spend hours fighting with it. It isn’t working well enough for me to attempt a connect to the rest of the world. This is really too bad, since $10/day to AT&T when in port seems better than $25/day to NCL which only wants to offer complete packages or pay-as-you-go which is not buy a 24 hour period. 

Anyway – the food is by far superior to my last couple of RCCL Cruises, and on a par with what Celebrity had on offer. But I may have to go to the dining room in the morning should I want smoked salmon. 

Did I mention the chocolate covered strawberries?

Dinner in the dining was a decent Pad Thai. We joked that this was the back German corner as my neighbors on the one side were from Vienna and from Hessen on the other.

I am making good progress on my Longdog, now up to 23%. My new cruise, new start is the Vintage Black Sampler by OwlForest. I am stitching on 18 ct cotton candy by BeStitchMe with PR043 from Silks4U. Two strands stitched is ~ 1%… and my end of the day count was 1355 = 5.8%

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Sailing toward the Sun

Ok, bad pun here but I am boarding the NCL Sun and heading west. Not the usual direction for transatlantics at this time of year. Looking at the route from Lisbon to Miami,  unlike the last ship, we have more than a few ports.

The schedule looks like this –

It will be interesting to see if we actually stop at Horta in the Azores. The two previous transatlantics with that scheduled stop both cancelled the port call due to bad weather. Since it was listed for those cruises as a tender port, I am not holding my breath. This time? Listed as docked. We will see.

The reason for the westbound trip made sense to me after I looked at her follow-on cruise. She heads through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Northwest and joins the gaggle of ships on the Alaska cruise scene for the summer. If I had the time, I would have loved to stay aboard and sail once again through the Panama Canal on this ship. But it is time to head home.

I have a reasonable number of free WiFi minutes, but not an unlimited package so I might be back to hunting Internet cafes in port and scavenge a bit here and there. It will be interesting…


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The joys of four languages

When, a long time ago – let us say a decade or so when I spent a fair amount of time cursing in the Mediterranean – all of us passengers could be treated to hearing the same ship announcements in German, Spanish, French, English, and Italian. This morning Edelweiss Airlines skipped the Spanish.

This particular 2 engine jet was at an outer parking position. By the time the second bus load of people managed to get themselves on, sorted, and seated we missed our take-off window and were delayed by 30 minutes. Since I have a huge amount of time in which to change plans in Zürich, it wasn’t a problem for me. Other than the young woman next to me, I didn’t see another masked individual on the plane. I had decided that I had already done enough damage by sharing my “whatever the hell it is” that I picked up on the Symphony/on a flight/in the Netherlands/somewhere with Beverly that I didn’t need to add more misery to my or anyone else’s existence.

I had a lovely river view followed by coastal view on take off before, no surprise, being swallowed up by clouds. Not a break in sight till we were within approach distance to Zürich. At that point, it felt like decades gone by with IFR. We sailed along above the landscape with the ability to “I fly rivers, roads, rails” which was the joke for most chopper flights in Germany, the Balkans and places in between… which was actually more properly known as VFR (visual).

—————– >-8 ————

insert hanging out at the airport from landing ~1000 through to 1930. And yes the flight was significantly late departing. After changing from A63 -> A82 -> A66. Hint – none are next to each other …

—————– 8-< ———

And it was a bus back from the screaming baby flight to the Lisbon Airport. Far end of the terminal to baggage claim. To the last bag off. To the taxi to the hotel.

I am wiped.

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Chocolate & watches

That might seem like a weird combination to you – but that was my shopping list today. Both are actually obvious. Chocolate? I always need chocolate and I am more than delighted to drop a number of bars of dark chocolate in my carry on luggage. Either I will eat them on the way or have chocolate tasting when I get home.

Without a working phone, I have no clue as to time. My apple watch effectively died last Oct/Nov. It just wouldn’t hold a charge for more than 4-5 hours. Inquiring at the Apple Store, since it is one of the very early series, they would have to special order the battery and then there would be a replacement charge without a lot of guarantee. It was suggested that it might be faster and easier to just buy one of the new, shiny Apple Watches. I demurred.

Since I have been living without a watch for a while, I have a pretty clear idea of what I need: I need to be able to check the time and having the date displayed is a bonus. I really don’t need it to monitory my exercise, buzz with GPS turns, give me txt or email message. I just need to know the time. Setting an alarm? That might be useful as well.

Asda has a small store in the corner of Sainsbury’s. Electronic kiosks for ordering, a nice woman behind the register who collects payment and fulfills orders. I am now the owner of a simple. resin band, digital faced watch. It was not expensive at all. Comparable in price to what I used to buy 20 years ago.

Early supper and packing. My 0415 taxi for the airport is going to feel early.

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is not a good look on iPhones. Nor is dropping them accidentally in cold water, not realizing it and leaving it to soak for about – oh, let us say seven hours?

The amazing thing was that it was on, and power level was at 86%. I spent most of the rest of the day playing with rice, bags, & those little silicone square thingies that seem to be packed in with just about everything to keep it dry. It was happy to stay on for – oh let’s say about 90 seconds. Then would turn itself off, then restart itself.  Not having a reliable phone while traveling is going to be a pain. It might survive, it might die completely. Meanwhile, I am glad that I also have all my emails in an off-line reader on my laptop.

And AppleCare is going to be worth the money I paid for it….

In more reasonable news, we took the bus out to one of the shopping centers after the committee meeting at the Scottish Parliament. I found a few missing floss colors for something new and a few pieces of fabric. Costs here are quite a bit higher than in the EU, or Australia or the US for that matter. Brexit has affected oh, so many things made in France and Germany.

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Weights, Measures, and distance

I should’ve realized that there was a catch to the UK being “metric.”  It certainly applies to weights and measures in the stores. Everything is clearly labeled in grams or cc without a secondary conversion to Imperial for those who just can’t comprehend or do calculations in their head.

But distance and road speeds? That is a completely other thing. I started to twig a few days ago when I saw a road sign with a “20” inside a red circle. 20km seems to be awfully slow so I asked. No, 20 miles an hour. We changed weights and measures but not speed and road distance.

This almost makes sense for a country that clings Royalty, French spellings of words adopted in the 1100-1300s, and driving on the opposite side of the road from the other 90% of the world. Just about all cars that I have seen have both scales on the speedometer.  Brits don’t do change well. Further more, they take pride. Why would you change something that is working? And seriously, when you look at the cost of replacing road signs, saving money is as good a reason as any other for stubbornly maintaining the old system.

At least there is no argument about time, or the calendar. Those seem to be in agreement, at least for the Western World.

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Getting Better

and most of today was sensibly spent curled up with stitching, a cup of peppermint tea and a warm comforter.  Audiobooks might have played a significant part in my days entertainment along with some YouTube videos….

The Fortune Teller is finished.

Pattern from Barbara Ana. Stitched on 16 ct Primrose from ForbiddenFiberCo with the called for DMC.

Next up by this designer will be either the Steampunk Fox (I have the threads) or the new Spring Cat – for which I would need both thread and fabric….humm. Time to go back to TapDancers – by LongDogSamplers


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another day, more coughing

Figure I might as well tell you that bit up front. I am most definitely feeling better, but still coughing. I do sound better, even to myself! I spent most of the day sitting in warm spots, moving whenever the sunshine moved. And yes, there are clear days with a lot of sun in Scotland. This was one of them. Not the only one, mind you, but one of them.

Otherwise, it was drink warm fluids, listen to audiobooks, and stitch, Not a very exciting day, but a comfortable one (if you don’t count the coughing….)

The Fortune Teller (Barbara Ana) is now 80+% complete… with just some feather/leaves/flower things to complete.

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