From Jan 2008 through Aug of 2010 I was posted to the UK as the Medical Liaison Officer to the Royal Army Medical Corps. One of the “perks” of the position was military quarters on Sandhurst in Tea Caddy Row. Napoleonic Era housing with all the lack of insulation that implies. When they last updated the housing several decades ago at least they put in central hot water heating although with the price of utilities one could hardly afford to keep most of the rooms heated.

The following was originally published June 2010. I am including this for historical interest.

Reading the caption for each pictures should help.

Outside –

The actual layout – the kitchen, living room and dining room are on the main floor along with the door to the garden, a powder room, the utility room and three pantries.

The first floor has two bedrooms (which are about 15×15) plus the small office like space, toilet, bathroom and water heater with drying cupboard.

The second floor has two bedrooms (see size above) plus single bedroom and bathroom. One bedroom on each floor has a sink. Hot water is not to be sneezed at.

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