Completed 2019

(place holder for now2

Oct 2019 –

November 2019 –

stitched on Aida with a variety of DMC, DMC light effects, some other shiny stuff …

December 2019

The Case of the Empty Cookie Jar.

The pattern is just one of those by Randal Spangler that I have purchased from HAED. This particular Story Keep, like all the others is fairly narrow and long. On 16 ct gridded Aida, it was started 12 Nov 2019 and completed 20 Dec 2019. For now you get a couple of progress pictures till I dig out the finished…

23 Nov 2019 – 920 –

8 Dec 2019

20 Dec 2019 – the last two stitches

and here it is!

The Case of the Empty Cookie Jar

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