Lou was a great dog. There are dogs, good dogs and really good dogs. Lou was all that and more. He belonged to our contractor and spent his day supervising everything that David did. Rode in the truck, checked out work sites, visited and was well behaved. Not that he would turn down a treat or anything…

hanging out on the job site

This April, Lou developed insurmountable medical issues.

So this is my project –

with a slightly older picture

Which will become this –

in cross stitch

when I am finished.

As of


25 June 2018


24 June 2018


23 June 2018


18 May 2018


16 May 2018


13 May 2018

12 May 2018

11 May 2018

10 May 2018

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One Response to Lou

  1. Carmen says:

    Nice. David will appreciate that. It is so hard when those we love don’t live forever.

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