2018 – and earlier

I. Lou

Lou was a great dog. There are dogs, good dogs and really good dogs. Lou was all that and more. He belonged to our contractor and spent his day supervising everything that David did. Rode in the truck, checked out work sites, visited and was well behaved. Not that he would turn down a treat or anything…

hanging out on the job site

This April, Lou developed insurmountable medical issues.

So this is my project –

with a slightly older picture

Which will become this –

in cross stitch

when I am finished.

As of


25 June 2018


24 June 2018


23 June 2018


18 May 2018


16 May 2018


13 May 2018

12 May 2018

11 May 2018

10 May 2018



Klimt –

the final with my substituting a few of the original color choices

This is another one of the Bookmarks from ClickNStitch.com  Its overall size is 44 x 132 worked with three strands on #11 Aida natural colored canvas.  Started 25 Dec 2016 & Finished 6 Jan 2017.

Fractal 363 –

started 7 Jan 2017 – finished – 6 Feb 2017.  75 x 200 it is stitched on 14 count Navy Aida cloth. The stripes are stitched, the background is not.


Fractal 363 – Finished 6 Feb 2017

Alternate Fractal 363

The Fractal portion that I downloaded for the other cross-stitch project was taken from a larger version of 363. The first was enough fun that I decided to cross-stitch a different section in a close, but not identical color choice.

30 Jan 2017 – and done



IV. Fractal 229

pattern purchased from ClickStitch. Fabric Aida 14 neon green. Started ~ 20 Dec 2015. The finished size is ~ 5.25″ by 14″. 75×200 stitches.

There are close to 100 colors so I have no idea why I decided to start with this one, rather than the alternative with only about 50 colors…. . Started Dec 2015. Completed Jan 2016.




II. Dance at Bougival – 2016

1 Feb - almost finished

1 Feb 2016

I purchased this pattern as a download from ClicknStitch. The original was designed to be a 2×6 ” bookmark on 22 ct. Failing at that particular bit of fine work as I appreciate both my eyes and the singular lack of usefulness of such a small object, some changes were made. Chosen by the Eldest, since it is to be on her wall. I had something else in mind which she voted down as too large to eve be displayed. The end negotiation is that 44×132 on Aida 11 will give her 4 x 12 which is a more than reasonable size for one of a number of items in a wall display. There are “only” 74 colors as well …

Dec 2016

III. Fractal 53 –

And, as it should be no surprise – a new Fractal. Again from ClikNStitch as a download. The fabric is 14 count Aida in Pacific Blue. Which I picked for no reason other than it is bright. The finished size is the same as the other fractal. (Started in Feb 2016)


23 Dec 2016



Star of David – completed ~ June 2018

As I mentioned in one of the March 2018 posts – there is a site run by a lovely lady named Ann. She has an extensive collection of free counted cross stitch patterns on line all of which are relatively insanity free. Just about all whole stitches, reasonable size, sensible number of colors and without backstitches.
the site – cross-stitch-patterns.net is searchable and navigable.

Anyway – I found this Star of David which is 138×138 and 15 colors which is just about right for a traveling project. It fits into a reasonable size frame and just might get done..


So through 1 May 2018 I have finished five of the six pages. Which is actually over 3/4 done considering that the last two pages are a column (10 squares) short of a whole..)

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