Koper, Slovenia

It was supposed to clear according to both our Captain and the weather report; the rain that was steadily falling as we docked. It isn’t that far from Venice but no ship wants to dock in the middle of the night and pay docking fees for time that could just as easily be spent bobbing at anchor just on the edge of International waters.  Accordingly, at 0700 we were at the pier and cleared shortly after that.

I sat watching all those who had tours disembarking with their umbrellas while having breakfast. Waited another hour. The rain seemed to stop so off I headed. Since the ship was docked at the edge of old town walking was the way to go. As should be obvious (this is the 500th year anniversary)  it is an old walled city.

elevator to the old city

elevator to the old city


I headed first to the town’s square and the bell tower –


and from the top (a lot of steps, going right past the bells) which (trust me) ring on the quarter & half hours as well as on the hour….

to look out over the city.


I enjoyed walking all the small streets, looking at fountains, small shops and gardens


What I didn’t enjoy was the rain. My lightweight jacket was fine, but didn’t do very much for keeping my bag and camera dry so I broke down and invested 7.50€ in an umbrella before stopping at the bookstore which dates from 1550

books, maps....

books, maps….


In a couple of areas you could see the combined effects of centuries of buildings as well as the milder climate which lets you grow lettuce even in Oct.


The last square where I stopped had a house from the 1400s, an old house related to the shipping industry and an arched section now setup as a protected outdoor performance area.


Soaked by the time I made it back to the ship I spent the remainder of the day reading and drying out.

Oh – and apparently someone did listen – instead of wine – this time I received –

Apple Juice!

Apple Juice!

Rhapsody of the Seas 3/4

Venice - Rome

Venice – Rome


The repositioning has started as we end in Rome on this leg, but no complaints out of me – I enjoy all of these ports and will see who I can manage to see at the different ports.

Mon Oct 17 Venice, Italy 5:00pm
Tue Oct 18 Koper, Slovenia 7:00am 4:00pm
Wed Oct 19 Dubrovnik, Croatia 1:00pm 8:00pm
Thu Oct 20 Kotor, Montenegro 7:00am 6:00pm
Fri Oct 21 At Sea
Sat Oct 22 Valletta, Malta 9:00am 6:00pm
Sun Oct 23 At Sea
Mon Oct 24 Palma de Mallorca, Spain 7:00am 5:00pm
Tue Oct 25 Barcelona, Spain 7:00am 6:00pm
Wed Oct 26 At Sea
Thu Oct 27 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 5:00

Quick, take a breath

I get a sea day this time around in which to get organized prior to shifting cabins. Does that mean that I actually got organized?

Nah. It will take me all of 10 minutes in the morning to toss my things in the suitcase.

Instead I hung out in the Diamond Lounge, walked/paced the decks for exercise, and went to the fancy buffet lunch. After I left early the last time since there was nothing for me to eat outside of veggies and potatoes I was wondering what would happen this time. T

No surprise, they were prepared. Not to whine, but it would have been nice had they asked me what I wanted (since risotto and lasagna aren’t anywhere on my list of edibles). But they tried and I really appreciated it. The roast mushrooms, squash and broccolini were wonderful and one of my fellow passengers loves risotto and lasagna, so all was not lost.  I ate lots of berries for desert and took along a few truffles for later.

They didn’t even last until supper time. Not that I needed supper other than finding a small source of chocolate just to complete the day on a high note.  My plan tomorrow is to get up early to photo Venice in the dark then go for a hike around the city in the morning while the housekeeping crew does its thing with cabins and cleaning.

Corfu – the New Fort

The last time I was in Corfu I believed the information from the ship. Silly me, I know. Bought their round trip shuttle ticket to the old fort on the far side of Old Town. Last time, after I spent time going through the Old Fort, I looked at the map to find out where I was. Duh, just walk along the road next to the sea and 20 minutes later the port was in easy range.

This time I decided not to go find the Synagogue given it is Shabbat and I couldn’t tell if it was in use or not but rather see the New Fort.

Come – says the nice person with the Big Red Ho-Ho Bus – we have four stops on the island (I think the third was a beach, the others being the start point and each of the two forts….)

No thank you, says I – I enjoy walking.

It wasn’t all that far to the New Fortress. New being a relative term – the fortifications were started by the Venetians somewhere most probably in the late 1500s. (see Wiki – good article ). It explains why The Lion of St Mark is found in several places.

There were issues with the Brits. There were issues with the Italians as late as 1923.

The site is open between 0900-1500 without an entry fee. Also without a site map or any dates other than that on the Lion and on a portion of the upper building dating 1858 which is now used for a school.

Photos to follow…


Day 8 (of 10)

and it is back to sea and on to the next port. Not all that rapidly as compared to many other sea days. Looking out at one point it was obvious that the dolphins (porpoises?) were traveling faster than we were.

It would be lovely to say that I accomplished a lot today. And it was some – knitting, sorting out and downsizing the on-computer storage of photos and reading a lot.

Then there was the Back2Back cruisers meeting at 1700 in the Viking Crown Lounge which told us nothing really new. It was at this point I realized I hadn’t bothered with the Cruise Compass which meant I was a bit underdressed for formal night. Ah well, at least my laundry had come back giving me a couple of choices for the 1900 Reception which was held in the Captain’s Quarters. None of them included leather vests or jackets since my hair was still wet.

Who knew? I wasn’t tacky enough to take pictures, but these quarters are lovely. Located on Deck 7 at the port forward bow, the reception/living room is a partial rectangle with the other wall the curve of the hull. He also has an office, storage area, bathroom and at least one bedroom (closed doors and I didn’t snoop. There were veggie snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Surprised? I guess my presence is making a difference in the menu – at least for the short term.


We docked in New Port –

a map for orientation

a map for orientation



rather than drop anchor and deal with tenders like the other three ships in port (Costa, Regents, Silver Seas) which dropped their passengers off in Old Port

I took the path less traveled which means walking the 30 minutes from the ship to town rather than paying for either the WaterBus or shuttle bus.

I appreciated Mykonos a bit better than Santorini. I don’t think it was solely from not having to climb forever to get to the town. I certainly don’t think it had anything to do with the number of otherwise well behaving adults getting on Mopeds and ATVs and certainly not the result of driving gone wrong –

It was more the atmosphere of calm. Of whitewashed houses and shops, restaurants with patrons enjoying a coffee, balconies, flowers, all shining in the sun. Fresh air not laden with the smell of animals and clean streets also might have something to do with it.

On the edge of town, the four windmills, much newer than many of the surrounding houses attracted more than a few tourists:

Yom Kippur 5777

Its been a tough year in ways that were not expected. I’ve always acknowledged being a bit rigid; it helps actually a lot in dealing with those organizations which are rule run due to massive size and complicated missions. That and an ability to learn rules as well as how to make them work for you rather than against one made surviving in the military for more than 30 years possible, if not always fun. We (the royal “we” here) are totally and completely ignoring the two miserable years I spent in Munich.

I really don’t appreciate dirty air, poverty, and government corruption. The time I spent in India and Nepal was more than challenging in that respect. I learned, experienced, met some incredible people, but don’t think I will be making a trip back to either location in the near future. The experience also had me dropping a couple of envisioned trips which would have involved huge cities and more polluted air and replace them with a couple of other alternatives that involved rivers and rails rather than roads.

I have ceased watching the news completely, the political situation in the US has become too painful to watch.  We are still in limbo with the house renovation. Five adults and two dogs in one house is more challenge than I had planned on at this point in my life.

So here I sit, on ship contemplating what I should be doing better next year and thinking about the personal apologies I owe. In spite of disavowing pledges, oaths and promises – this coming year is going to be different.


Is the island. Fira is perched 533 steps above the harbor level. It is just one of the Greek islands which are the remains of an old volcano. The caldera is filled with water and deep enough for ships to drop anchor.

From the ship the tops of the mountains and hills on the surrounding islands appeared snow capped. At closer look, the white is all the small villages of whitewashed homes and shops crowning the peaks. Greeks aren’t stupid. Yes, it is uphill to home at the end of a long day of fishing. But It is easily defended as they have learned over multiple millennium of raiding and wars.

The alternate to hiking up the 533 cobblestone steps

there were more steps , this is the end of the donkey ride

there were more steps , this is the end of the donkey ride

would have been the cable car which seemed to be the preference of most of the early visitors.

The traditional alternative is to ride a donkey up the stairs (no one had mentioned the mules – there were almost as many mules as donkeys).

The combined effect of almost 600 animals might explain some of my challenge in hiking up the multiple switchbacks freely littered with manure.

In Fira it becomes apparent that white has multiple shades from cream to snow white. The occasional blue accent is tossed in as a nod to the Greek Flag. I had a nice wander but it became readily apparent that Santorini has much in common with St Maarten’s and St Thomas. Shop after shop with souvenirs, clothing or jewelry. Bars and restaurants filled in the gaps.

more than just white

more than just white

I lasted until it started getting crowded before returning to the ship. Before noon on a day which the last tender was 1930. Part of my discomfort stemmed from having three other ships in port.

And yes, that is Mein Schiff #3, as apposed to 1,2,4, or 5. #6 is currently under construction. A lovely woman who lives just outside of Hamburg mentioned the lack of imagination and that she prefers traveling on other than German Cruise lines. We had a lovely chat about our experiences on Explorer of the Seas last year as she was also on the Barcelona to Suez repositioning cruise.

I also appreciated having plenty of time prior to sun down. Tomorrow we dock in Piraeus. Having been there multiple times before, I will just relax on ship. Hiking while fasting is less than ideal.

It shouldn’t be that hard

to track a simple thing. But before I go there..

Today was a day at sea, our first since the beginning of the cruise. Most cruise lines have some standard events that are part of the regularly programing. On Royal, the Cruise Critic meeting falls into that category, taking place on the first sea day (or morning with late docking). That meant at 1000 this morning I had a chance to meet a few people from the Roll Call. I also contributed a few towels to the drawing. I like the towels, but there is a limit to how many I can take home. Most people don’t have a problem, since they choose bottles of alcohol as their free thank you gift.

This takes me back to the start of the rant. Last evening, oh just before 2200 I received a call from Room Service. We have a gift for you from the Hotel Director. Can you open the door so we can give you the bottle of wine?

No. I don’t drink. I don’t want the bottle of wine. Take it back, take it to the crew party – I don’t care, but I don’t want it. What I would like is to go back to sleep. Thank you and good night.

Following the Cruise Critic Meeting there was a reception in Chops for the Gold Card Holders. Two of the other pinnacles had been on the previous cruise. The new member of the group turned out to be Paul who was on the Legend in Fall 2014. I am starting to think of this as a very, very small world. All three are transferring to the Jewel in Rome on the 27th.

Back to food – since cruises seem to be about food and drinks. This time the chef remembered me. Delivered to our table were a variety of vegetarian snacks including tempura vegetables, samosas, spring rolls and some lovely BBQ TVP “meat”balls. The staff there knows me well enough to supply Sprite Zero without even being asked.

To round out the day, when I went back to the cabin I found the bottle of red wine, a corkscrew and two glasses. Probably the same bottle I had turned down the night before. Breathing a huge sigh, I took the bottle and corkscrew up to Guest Services. When the Food & Beverage Manager walked by I handed them both to him.

I don’t drink. Please take these back and do something with them. I turned down the alcohol last cruise. I turned it down last night. Today I find it in my cabin. I really, really don’t want it.

He was apologetic.

What do you want to bet I get gifted wine again next cruise?


is a city that I really enjoy. There is an old fortress on top of the mountain. From there you can see the entire bay, the city and the ring of mountains leading to this sheltered harbor. I had been really looking forward to today, in spite of the fact that this stop is a tender port.

What I hadn’t counted on was the 15% chance of rain turned into 100%. So instead of being first in line for the tender, I am sitting in the Diamond Lounge and hoping that the weather clears. Apparently I am not the only one as they went through the first 15 tender numbers before filling even the first. I have a rain jacket. I even have an umbrella. What I don’t have is any interest in getting either my camera or myself wet, especially on a Sunday when anything worth seeing is going to be rain slicked or closed.

As you might have expected, the rain cleared about 90 minutes before the last tender was scheduled.

I thought about it seriously. Well, for all of about 30 seconds. Ride over and back? or stay in my nice comfy cabin.

Guess which won?

Zadar, Croatia

is a new port to me. I am sure that I saw it from the air one of the many times that we flew in and around Split and Dubrovnik (still referencing the 1995-1998 time frame). I had thought about going into the small town, then learned it was one of those – town a distance a way, have a nice $12 shuttle ride.

There is something inside me, or perhaps my desire to hang on to whatever is in my pocket, but docking outside of town then charging me for the ride just raises my hackles. When that happens, I normally opt out of play. Besides, what I really want to do is get a nice walk, a long walk, without having to spend an hour on the treadmill.

After contemplating for a while – I decided just to walk toward town and see what happened. Zadar has invested in sidewalks, so that wasn’t an issue. You could see where the old industrial areas had been:


There was still the occasional house which reflected the standard method of destruction;


in which one shoved the family out at gun point, set burning candles in the top floor, then turned on the gas and ran. With all the windows closed, the house fills up with gas. The gas is ignited by the candle and an a fireball ensues. Usually enough to incinerated everything inside plus blow out all the windows….)

In contrast – there were small orchards and vineyards along the main road:

a non-commercial harbor

and a park where the old walled city used to be.

On Saturday, most of the shops were closed, but there was a small street market with locally made products set out for the tourists and glimpses of the archeological foundations below the present town.

about 3-4 hours I wound my way back to the ship by a rather circuitous route

Rhapsody of the Seas

Rhapsody of the Seas



Rhapsody of the Seas 2/4

Venice - Venice

Venice – Venice


This is loop #2 with just about completely different ports. Except for Venice of course…


Fri Oct 7 Venice, Italy 5:00pm
Sat Oct 8 Zadar, Croatia 7:00am 4:00pm
Sun Oct 9 Kotor, Montenegro 10:00am 6:00pm
Mon Oct 10 At Sea
Tue Oct 11 Santorini, Greece 8:00am 8:00pm
Wed Oct 12 Athens (Piraeus), Greece 6:00am 6:00pm
Thu Oct 13 Mykonos, Greece 7:00am 5:00pm
Fri Oct 14 At Sea
Sat Oct 15 Corfu, Greece 8:00am 5:00pm
Sun Oct 16 At Sea
Mon Oct 17 Venice, Italy 7:00am

Back to Venice

It has been a lovely cruise: multiple interesting ports, no tenders involved and reconnecting with old acquaintances.

Sailing into Venice mid-afternoon meant enjoying the Grand Canal. Most of the time ships are leaving after dark or returning early in the morning so it was lovely to get a good look at the cathedrals, squares, water boats and tourists intermingling with residents.

One could play live chess here as well ….

black and white tiled courtyard

black and white tiled courtyard

The only down side, and it is a serious one – is this ship seems to be totally and completely unable to provide an adequate vegetarian diet. The Windjammer has managed to come up with a gluten free corner, but has not consolidated the vegetarian food anywhere. I received repeated excuses about “Royal provides the menus…” Hello? I have sailed on 16 other vessels in the fleet. Never had a problem finding food before. DIdn’t have to ask for something special at every meal.

Example, there was a lovely appearing buffet for cruisers at the senior loyalty levels. Everything except for the mozzarella salad, one veg (heavily salted) and one risotto had either meat or fish into it. There wasn’t even a non-fish sushi option. I am not counting deserts. I don’t usually eat the deserts. Seated next to the hotel director – I just looked at him. Told him I was leaving to find lunch. He had the grace to look embarrassed and ask if I wanted something specially prepared. No – the point I am trying to make is that I am not the only one who prefers a vegetarian diet. As a group we should have to beg at every meal. Perhaps it is just me? But I want to be able to select food without making a fuss. Without putting people who are already working hard to extra work. The other ships manage – why not this one?

Off soap box….


There weren’t any ships in the harbor, the first time I arrived in Dubrovnik. In fact I wouldn’t have an an opportunity to see the city of stones gleaming on a sunny day at all if it hadn’t been for one of the  Norwegian soldiers being a a bit stupid on R&R. His was admitted to a Croatian Hospital with some superficial wounds and a broken bone or two. So I saw Dubrovnik from the air taking pictures from my seat in the MEDEVAC helicopter before we crested a hill to land on a soccer field where the ambulance was waiting for us. That was in 1998.

The city had been hard hit in 1991-2 with the break up of Yugoslavia.

the dots all represent war damage

the dots all represent war damage

in the old city. The next opportunity I had to spend time on the ground was in 2010 when George and I cruised from Athens to Venice on the Wind Spirit. That time we dropped anchor in the inner harbor as pictured below.

The old city today

The old city today



Since then, I have been back a couple of times on Royal which is normally docked to the west of the old city.

not just ancient traditions

not just ancient traditions


a stop part way - the west harbor being at the far left upper corner

a stop part way – the west harbor being at that small bit of blue in the far left upper corner


The Wiki article is pretty good, with one exception. There is only a minor mention of popular culture: Dubrovnik features prominently as King’s Landing and Qarth in Game of Thrones and also provides one of the locations for Star Wars – Episode VIII. As you can guess, there is a plethora of memorabilia to be purchased and Game of Thrones walking tours to be taken.

Me? I just walked into town, around a bit and back to the ship totally ~ 15k steps for the day.



November Hat

Last fall, when I was on the Spendlour of the Seas I knit a lot of hats. Gave almost all of them away.

When I was packing for this trip, I found one that had survived the last year unfinished and tossed it in my suitcase. Since today was a sea day on which I signed up for a number of on ship tours (Galley – gave up – too many people for just one group), Theater (still too many people but at least walked through the costume shop and back stage) and the bridge (really windy on the side bridges) I could fill up my time by either editing a number of documents or finishing the hat in order to say that I had accomplished at least one project on this cruise.

The hat won.  knit on 2.25 mm circ needle of zauberball. The band is faced with a picot turning row Immediately after completing the band I increased the number of stitches to 150% of the original then knit 10 cm straight. When I took it out, I realized that the decreases for the crown had been started. And me without my double points.  Magic loop, here I come…

the outside

the outside

and the inside, the provisional cast on knit together with the live stitches

and the inside, the provisional cast on knit together with the live stitches


now if I could just find my yarn needle….

R1- D3 – Katakolon

Which is the lovely little town in Greece that serves as the port and gateway to Olympia. I was here last year. It was where I had a chance to talk to a number of the shop keepers about Greece. Shop owners who were not at all reticent to explain that they were working, the government not so much. And certainly they had to pay taxes. And who did I think paid for all the improvements in the street, the sidewalks, the store fronts so as to make it attractive? Certainly not the government….

This is also the town with two small interesting, if not strange, small museums. The first alleges to be an historical museum of Greek Inventions. Doesn’t matter what it is, it was invented here first in Greece. Most likely decades to centuries before the rest of the world. It is small, fun and entertaining. Probably worth a few Euros the first time through, not a second. The other museum features musical instruments with much the same theme. If it is worth having, it was invented here….

I went for a stroll, I relaxed. Trying to balance out my frustration with the ship’s internet. That rogue wave that took out 12 windows in the Viking Crown lounge (Deck 11), soaked the carpet and trashed untold thousands of dollars of dishes and glassware apparently also did a number on the satellite antenna that handles comms. Internet stays up for a few minutes at a time, if it comes up. Frustrating to say the least.

Research not getting done. Email not being read or written, books not getting borrowed from various public libraries. Color me not a really happy bunny for the moment.

R1 – D2

No, the title is not a mispelling from a particular robot. Rather it stands for Rhapsody Cruise 1 – Day 2.

Which is a sea day, fancy that….

The internet on the ship is working about as well as one would expect. Summarizes to – if they didn’t give it to me for free, I certainly wouldn’t pay for it. Ability to connect rates during normal hours 3/10 and speed 1/10. So much for the Surf & Stream package.  To be fair, from what I have hear, a lot of the connectivity issues are a result of business decisions rather than based on listening to intelligent input from the IT personnel. The average exec turns on their phone or computer and has absolutely no clue how much resources they are using. Nor do they understand the effect of all those programs which everyone leaves open…

There was a simple reception at lunch for certain category of travelers. There are scones in the Park Cafe in the afternoon. The internet net is somewhere at the speed I used to see over my 9600 baud modem which leaves me extremely cheerful about receiving it for a perk since paying would be stupid.

and I am still tired – so it is off to sleep early…

Rhapsody of the Seas – 1/4

The start of my fall cruising entertainment schedule.

Venice - Venice

Venice – Venice

The Rhapsody is the last of the Vision Class ships on Royal Caribbean for me to sail. Never mind it has taken almost two years to manage to be in the right place at the right time (she had a few schedule changes….). So, since I don’t live in Europe any more, I figured I would make the most of my flight and be here a while –

Mon Sep 26 Venice, Italy 5:00pm
Tue Sep 27 At Sea
Wed Sep 28 Olympia (Katakolon), Greece 8:00am 5:00pm
Thu Sep 29 Crete (Chania), Greece 8:00am 5:00pm
Fri Sep 30 Athens (Piraeus), Greece 6:00am 5:00pm
Sat Oct 1 Thessaloniki, Greece 9:00am 5:00pm
Sun Oct 2 Ephesus / Kusadasi, Turkey 10:00am 8:00pm
Mon Oct 3 Rhodes, Greece 8:00am 5:00pm
Tue Oct 4 At Sea
Wed Oct 5 Dubrovnik, Croatia 9:00am 6:00pm
Thu Oct 6 Venice, Italy 3:00pm
Fri Oct 7 Venice, Italy Disembark

So far we haven’t seen a schedule change inspite of the challenges in Turkey/Greece with the current refuge crisis. With the overnight in Venice, I am hoping to get to something musical on the 6th…


Approaching Venice

The fastest way to get to the city from the airport is certainly not the Vaporatto’s. The bus to Mestre (main train station area) is closer, faster and cheaper. There are also private taxis and rental cars. Of note – the last two only work if you can handle your luggage on arrival to the parking lots as driving all the way to the most popular hotels is simply not going to happen.

Islands connected by tiny pedestrian bridges, cobblestones. Not roads.

The rest of us take the Vaporattos. My stop is off the Orange line. The price is certainly right and the view, if you have enough sense to turn around and look out the windows is lovely. But iti is not fast. The operators are smart – they load by destination with the furtherst getting on first so that their luggage is in the back. Those of us getting off first are the last on. They don’t take more passengers that they have seats. I have a strong feeling that the luggage in many cases is the limiting factor. OTOH, if you have a lot of luggage, you aren’t going to easily haul it all yourself from the airport all the walkways to the piers.

Guglie is the nearest bus stop to my hotel. On the way I had the most interesting conversation with a woman from Toronto. I had pegged the couple as North American or OZ by appearance. Accent put them in Canada. This is her trip of a life time. After raising three children to adulthood and enjoying six grandchildren, the pair is spending a month in Europe. They started in London, train to Paris, then on to Cairns, Nice and EasyJet to Venice. Their last week will be spent in Rome.

My hotel is a couple of blocks from the stop and is not difficult to find, considering that I have stayed here before. My plan is simple. Sleep for the night followed by a leisurely walk to the ship in the morning. I ate my chocolate bar.

Meanwhile, according to messages from home – the water main in front of the house broke. The street got flooded. and a good time was had by no one. Didn’t mind missing that mess…..

of note – the one hour delay leaving Toronto due to late arrival of critical cargo was not a positive development for those connecting in Frankfurt to a number of flights. I was delighted to find that my caution on allowing 2 hours between flights paid off handsomely.


On the road again

It has been a pretty insane couple three weeks capped by needed to be at the airport (SFO) this morning. It was obviously dark out when my multiple alarms went off. I wasn’t taking any chances given the time frame and BARTs nasty tendency to toss in repairs and delays when they most effective on disrupting the most desperate passengers. Back to the critical point –

With my usual brilliance and nonchalance I had written down the time of my flight as 1038. This means on a Saturday morning catching the earliest BART from the local station figuring 60-90 minutes for BART depending on timing, whims, train changes and the gods of iron & steel. Not to mention enough drivers reporting for work. That first BART is also effectively an hour prior to any ability to take a bus to the Berkeley BART station.

Did I mention that Alex and I arrived home from the A’s Game (yes, they managed to lose this one as well) & fireworks close to 2300? He did a nice of job of driving us home (it is not like you have any particular need for car &/or driving in Chicago.). The plan was for him to drive with me to the BART this morning and then take the car home. Poor guy is also the only logical choice since he has a real, valid driver’s license. I still had some packing to do resulting in crashing about 0030.

Panic in the morning when I realized that the dent in my suitcase was now a hole. Repack everything into George’s. Drop off, BART, self-check in noting that Air Canada now wants $898 for a business class upgrade to Toronto (note – it was $119 on their website a few days ago) or $1089 the whole way through. I’m trying the Premium Economy since there wasn’t a way to book this as a round trip. The extra several thousand will more than pay for my photography trip to Lapland this winter.

Back to check-in. It was at the point where I was loading my boarding passes into Apple Wallet that the boarding time for AC 738 sunk through. 1055. Huh? Ok – double check everything. Yep – flight leaves at 1138 not 1038. Check again. Problem it turns out is my calendar app which is currently entering everything as if it is Mountain Time regardless of what I tell it. So 1138 on Mountain comes out 1038 Pacific Time.

The guilt settles in. I deprived all three of us of at least an hour of sleep. In fact, with the correct flight time which is an hour later – I could have caught the 0630 bus to the Berkeley BART and spared Alex and Dani from getting up at all. I am hoping they forgive me when they read this. In any case, the only thing I can do now is set alarms and drink a lot of coffee so I don’t miss my flight!

(FYI – SFO-Toronto-FRA-Venice….)